And by the time they get back to you, you have already solved the problem.

The ZPG Pro only charges to 50% capacity.

The ZPG Pro is what tipped us over the edge, and we’ve had enough of these companies getting away with it. Thee D-PAD is nice and sticks out enough to be easily pressed. Oh, we haven’t mentioned the battery problem, have we?

This is simply another handheld by a new maker that wants a piece of the pie. The first limited generation of ZPG was widely acclaimed, wait, what is ZPG? Start with Wi-Fi and add WWAN. Retro Game Console Reviews.

6) MicroSD card slot: Original 64GB, maximum support 512GB TF card. Surely nothing else can go wrong… can it? The worst part, however, is that this method is working. The biggest problem that we see when purchasing these handhelds is quite simple – the lack of customer service. It has become the norm within the industry to lie about what games these handhelds can emulate. Sadly, that’s due to a mass-market of products that have poor customer service and consoles that are not fully functioning out of the box. We want this market to thrive and welcome newcomers with open arms. But it came barely working, and that’s just not acceptable. Many times, we won’t even get a response, and by that time we have found a solution because a community member or fellow content creator has helped us out. It’s absurd, and it’s why we had to write this article so that we can try to bring about some kind of change. When buying a majority of these handhelds, whenever we need some kind of support, troubleshooting help, or questions answered, it takes days, if not weeks for anyone to get back to us. The analogue stick wasn’t mapped correctly, so when we wanted to play games straight out of the box, we just couldn’t. This cost us £114, which is equivalent to $146.

We’ve been reviewing handhelds from China for years now. How these sellers can get away with shipping out half-working handhelds is beyond us. The majority of the handhelds we purchase boast that they can play all sorts of consoles, when in fact they struggle to emulate bigger and newer devices. We need to stop buying the “okay” handhelds with no customer service and support the companies who are making great products with an actual support team. Why bother with customer support when they can just expect us to go to someone else who has also had problems with their handheld to support us by fixing our handheld? A public response to the foot-made ZPG drama 16 Aug 2020. But once you start moving onto the larger 3D games, then you’ll start noticing some hiccups. 2) Resolution 320x480,Anti-oil, Anti-scratch, Anti-fingerprint tempered glass panel, 3) CPU :Quad-core Cortex-A35 CPU,1.5GHz, Mali-G31MP2 GPU, support OpenGL,ES3.2, Vulkan 1.0, OpenCL 2.0, 5)Interface:TYPE C and OTG adapter, external USB WIFI/Bluetooth, 6) MicroSD card slot: Original 64GB, maximum support 512GB TF card, 7) Button: Cross button, ABXY button, L1\\L2, R1\\R2 button, volume up and down buttons, power button, SS button, two custom function buttons, a SWITCH joystick of the same model with down button, 8)Emulator:FC,SFC,MD,CPS1,CPS2,CPS3,FBA,NEOGEO,NGP,PS1 PSP,N64,DC,GBA,GB,GBC,SMS,GG, 9)Battery:2830mAh rechargeable battery,good for 6+ hours of play, 10)Package Contains:USB TYPEC *1/Charging cable *1/Guide manual *1, Want to know Wholesale Prices?Please contact by email or online chat, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. And we figured a premium product would at least work….

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As i’ve already mentioned, the fact that companies are getting away with shipping out half working products and letting customers wait for features to work is just plain wrong. 5)Interface:TYPE C and OTG adapter, external USB WIFI/Bluetooth.